Program Overview


Beginning in the afternoon on Thursday, July 19, Conductors will spend two intensive days together studying scores and preparing for the rehearsals that begin on Saturday, July 21. Each conductor will be assigned a piece that will be exclusively theirs to rehearse during the week and to perform on the final concert.

During the week, you will be on the podium rehearsing for at least fifteen minutes every day. You also will receive personal coaching during and after rehearsals. Topics to be addressed include conducting technique, rehearsal strategies, and developing a unified choral sound. In individual and group video analysis sessions you will review your previous rehearsals and prepare for the next day. Each conductor will meet with Dr. Blackstone for a 30-minute private lesson once during the week. When not leading rehearsal, conductors will sing as members of the choir.

Conducting Auditors are welcome to attend the study sessions on Thursday and Friday (July 19-20) and will participate as singers in all rehearsals. In addition, you will receive one 30-minute private lesson with Dr. Blackstone during the week.

Singers will rehearse several hours each day (please consult sample schedule for details) under the direction of the master teachers and student conductors. The SCI Choir will be an unforgettable singing opportunity for choral enthusiasts who participate at home in a large symphonic choir or in a smaller ensemble. The challenging and varied repertoire encompasses several styles and periods and will include at least one extended set or major work conducted by Maestro Blackstone. You will leave Sciacca inspired and invigorated by your experience and will return home with added confidence and new skills to bring back to your choir. In addition, assuming minimum enrollment is reached, included in the tuition for each singer is a private 30-minute voice lesson with Micaela Carosi, internationally known soprano and Professor of Voice at the Conservatory in Trapani.

All participants (assuming minimum enrollment is reached) will take part in a special presentation, "Healthy singing for your whole life," given during the week by Professor Carosi.

For an additional fee: participants may elect to have further private lessons with Madama Carosi; you may choose to take small group conversational Italian Classes with Sicily native Luigi Migliore and with Liz Mitchell and Jonathan Hirsh; an optional Italian Cooking Class featuring local Sicilian specialties may also be arranged.

Evenings will be free for you to explore the beautiful town of Sciacca and the surrounding area. 


Typical Workshop Schedule

Rehearsal Schedule
9:30-12:00 Morning choral rehearsal
2:30-4:00   Afternoon rehearsal
5:00-7:00   Evening rehearsal

Individual Sessions
Private conducting lessons, video analysis sessions, voice lessons, and optional classes will take place at designated times throughout the day in between rehearsals and mealtimes.